Traffic infrastructure

The needs of the international community and a fast development of economy, especially of tourism as one of the strongholds of the development of the Istrian Region, affect the need for a quality traffic infrastructure. For this reason, big efforts are being invested in interregional connection within Croatia as well as in its connection with a wider European area. With this regards, road traffic is witnessing the largest development. It quite well covers the domestic needs and it contributes to a more balanced development of the coastal area and the Istrian interior. In the last few years, there have been increasing investments in the maintenance and the construction of port infrastructure, which contributes to an increase in maritime traffic and its safety. Air traffic also has all the necessary preconditions for a more significant share in the total traffic balance, especially in the field of passengers' transportation.

The Istrian Region pays lots of attention to the construction of the traffic system as long-term process, and to the safety of traffic, simultaneously taking care of environmental protection and the implementation of the principle of feasible development.